Very Awsome job "Dadams" I just simply put the info he sent at the bottom becuase there was a lot
Again I would like to say "thanks" for waiting to get this pic posted
Comp – 1.5 AMD 512MB


The control sticks and buttons are wired to gravis pads. I tried the X–Arcade circuit board but because I play other games beside emulator games a single keyboard input just would not do.

You haven’t lived until you have played madden on an arcade!!

Since this picture was taken I have added a coin door wired to the X-Arcade circuit board and I have plans drawn up for a 4 player control panel with a spinner and a place for a steering wheel and other buttons wired to the X-Arcade so that I can get rid of the keyboard (ex Esc, P, F1, Enter………).

The buttons in the front are wired into the remote control for the mini system that the speakers on the top came from and I wired other buttons on the left side for on/off and reset for the computer. Then I put the CD drive in the front so that I never have to open the bottom of it anymore.

I am also thinking of getting a 27” TV for it but not until act labs releases the light guns for the TV, till then my monitor will do,